Newsletter 3: District Competitions Recap!

Newsletter 2: Competitions Are Coming Up!
February 27, 2023
Newsletter 4: 2024 FRC Competition Season Starts Now!
January 8, 2024

Hello everyone! We have made it through this year’s district competitions!

Earlier this month we attended a district competition at Mount Olive, where we gained valuable experience and were able to see where we could improve the robot. At the end of the qualification matches, we ranked 35th out of 37 teams, and had a record of 3-9. Although the competition did not go as we had hoped, the team was able to come together and use this as motivation to prepare for our Warren Hills competition.

The Warren Hills competition gave us another chance to display our robot and show off the changes we made to enhance our performance. We did considerably better at this event, and Team 555 ended up taking the victory home! With a consistent performance throughout our qualification matches, we were selected for Alliance #3 led by Team Aperture 3142 and Team MCCrusaders 7045. In the playoffs, we went undefeated leading to our finals where we won 2 out of 3 of our matches. We also came home with the Autonomous Award for excellence in the autonomous portion of the game, demonstrating consistency, reliability, and high-performance with our Pretzel Auto design. To see a more detailed recap, check out our Blue Alliance page!

Whether or not we will make it to the District Championships at Lehigh is still up in the air, but we should know by this Sunday evening or Monday morning. If we qualify, we would be there from April 5th to the 8th, and would have the chance to go to the World Championships!

Thank you for your continued support!

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