FRC Team 555

District Event Winner 2023, Warren Hills Event

Who We Are:

Montclair Robotics is a FIRST team based out of Montclair High School in Montclair, NJ. Founded in 2001, the team competed in two robotics leagues until 2018. FRC Team 555 was founded in 2001 and FTC Team 147 was founded in 2007. Currently, we compete as Montclair Robotics Team 555 in FIRST Robotics Challenge. Montclair Robotics is a school-based club that requires no prior experience or tryouts. For more about our team click here.

Our Recent Accomplishments:

  • 2024 (cont.) – Autonomous Award winners at Warren Hills, Event Finalist
  • 2024 – Autonomous Award winners at Allentown, Captain of Alliance 3
  • 2023 – Autonomous Award winners and winning alliance at Warren Hills.
  • 2022 – Team Spirit Award at Bridgewater Competition.
  • 2021 – FIRST Innovation Challenge semi-finalists and worked with the Wounded Warriors.
  • 2019 – FRC Judges Award winners and winning alliance at Bensalem.
  • 2018 – FRC season – Gracious Professionalism® award at our second regional event and participated at the World Championships in Detroit, Michigan.

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