Newsletter 4: 2024 FRC Competition Season Starts Now!

Newsletter 3: District Competitions Recap!
March 27, 2023

The new FRC competition season has begun!

This year, the team celebrated kickoff Saturday, January 6th, and it was kindly hosted MSU! We played team Jeopardy, watched the FRC livestream, and split up into different groups to brainstorm possible designs for our new robot. This year’s challenge is Crescendo! We are going to create a robot that can intake rings, shoot them upwards or downwards and hang from a chain.

Since kickoff, we’ve started to meet 4 days a week until 5! This is so we can complete the robot, and have extra time for testing before our first competition! A design team has formed to finalize the design of the robot, as well as the dimensions

Our first competition is March 3rd-4th, Allentown, where hopefully we will be fully prepared, and our second competition is just two weeks later, in Warren Hills, March 23rd-24th. Depending on how we score in the first two competitions, we might be able to go to Lehigh University, so keep checking our website for more updates!

There is a lot to anticipate from this coming up season, and everyone on team 555 is excited to share it with you! Thank you for supporting us!

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