Leads: Danica Stout, ’26 and Abe Kirschner, ’25

Danica Stout
Abraham Kirschner

What Do We Do?

The Code Division is the brains of the team. In our division, we use programming languages and software to control electronic and mechanical parts. We bind controllers to the robot and create programs that allow it to run both manually and autonomously during competitions.

We work on critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as teach our members how to use a programming language called Java to code our robot and give it functionality.

Overall, we work together to program the robot and have a whole lot of fun along the way!

Division Specifics

  • We write the code that controls the robot. For example, this means telling the robot to drive when the joystick is used or creating paths for it to follow during the Autonomous mode.
  • We make use of GitHub and Git to share and manage our code and manage the different versions of code.
  • We write code in Java using software such as IntelliJ and VS Code.
  • When ready, we test and upgrade the robot.

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