About Us

The Montclair High School Robotics Team is located in Montclair, NJ. Founded in 2001, the team is unique as it competed in two robotics leagues until 2018. We used to compete in FIRST Tech Challenge as Montclair Momentum, Team 147. We currently only compete as Montclair Robotics, Team 555, in FIRST Robotics Challenge. In 2006, an all girls team was formed out of 555, FRC Team 1929, but they later rejoined after 2008, forming the current Montclair Robotics. We continue to encourage women to participate in STEM and our team.

Beginning in early September, the team works to train new members in our divisions, such as build, code, electronics, and CAD (computer aided design). The Montclair High School Robotics team is a school-based club that requires no prior experience or tryout. In early January, the team starts to design and build the new robot. We typically have competitions starting in March.  

Montclair Robotics’ mission is to promote STEM in our community by teaching students in Montclair different skills learned by building and creating a robot. We also work to promote the principles of FIRST such as gracious professionalism and cooperation within our team. We work hard to create a safe, welcoming, supportive, and fun environment for all of our team members. Interest in STEM has declined over the years, especially in young women. Our team aims to keep this interest alive and growing. Montclair Robotics exhibits at and hosts multiple outreach events during the year, targeted towards the community and middle and elementary school aged kids. Our ultimate goal is to teach everyone who meets and is touched by our team something new.

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