Our Leadership Roles

Our Mentors

Angela Yanette

Ms. Angela Yanette has been teaching at Montclair High School for ten years. She teaches Fine Arts, such as Sculpture and Ceramics and also teaches Digital Technology such as CAD Design and 3D Printing as well as Digital Imaging, which includes the Adobe Creative Suite. While also mentoring Robotics during this time she helps our team with administration, design layouts as well as CAD development for 3D Printing.

Michael Barouch

Mr. Michael Barouch has been mentoring the team since 2001 – he also has been teaching robotics class, automotive class, power tech in addition to teaching both adult school welding and metal art – and summer camp welding and metal art for younger students who will be entering MHS.

Mark Hatten

Mark Hatten is a former electrical engineer. He is a scout troop leader, and a first year mentor for Montclair Robotics. With his experience both in the field and through hobbies he has taught many of our members the skills necessary in order to build our robots.

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Our Student Leadership

Serena Lee

Team Captain

Joshua Stout

Robot Project Manager

Lily Glewan

Business Lead

Sylvie Wurmser

Build Co-Lead

Anisa Uddin

Build Co-Lead

Galen Stewart

Computer-Aided Design Co-Lead

Finn Butler

Computer-Aided Design Co-Lead

Iso Hartman

Computer-Aided Design Co-Lead

Dylan Rafael

Code Co-Lead

Caitie Farrell

Code Co-Lead

Max Knudsen

Code Co-Lead

Elliot Albright

Electronics Lead

Our Divisions

Montclair Robotics has 4 engineering divisions and 2 logistics divisions. They work together to build the robot, host fundraisers, and do community outreach promoting STEM. Every member of the team is a part of one or more divisions. Divisions allow our members to specialize in a certain area of the team that they’re interested in. Our veteran team members help to train our new members every year no matter their skill and experience level.

Logistics Divisions

  • Business
    • Website
    • Graphics & Design
    • Awards
    • Outreach