Lead: Serena Lee, Sophomore

Website Coordinator: Anisa Uddin, Freshman

Graphics and Design Coordinator: Eli Weber, Sophomore

Social Media Coordinator: Tati Daradar, Sophomore

Sponsors Coordinator: Sylvie Wurmser, Sophomore


What Do We Do?

The Outreach Division is made up of students who handle awards, plan events throughout our community, maintain our online presence, manage public relations, and keep track of our team’s finances.

There are several subdivisions of Outreach, including the following:

  • Website
  • Graphics & Design
  • Awards
  • PR
  • Business

Each subdivision works in its specified field, although many of our members are part of multiple groups.

However, all of Outreach is a community of its own, and the subdivisions communicate and collaborate often. This has resulted in countless events we have held within our community, including family coding nights, robot demonstrations, and our annual Robot Petting Zoo (RPZ).

Some of the skills we work on in Outreach are communication skills, organization, creative thinking, and teamwork. These skills apply not only to our team but will go on to impact them throughout college and even their future careers.

Overall, our goal is to maintain our team’s awards, events, online presence, PR, and finances while educating and inspiring our community through STEAM-related events along the way!

Learn more about how we work with FLL teams in our community here: FLL Mentoring


Email: contact@montclairrobotics.org

Main Instagram: montclairrobotics

Other Instagram: band.aid.boy (Follow Band-Aid Boy’s adventures alongside Team 555!)

YouTube: Montclair Robotics

GitHub: Montclair Robotics

Facebook: Montclair High School Robotics

Twitter: Montclair Robotics @frcteam555

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